Falling leaves

9:18 AM

I love the Fall season. We have a huge Maple tree outside and just before Halloween all the leaves fell off. Steve went out with my "masters of destruction" and played in the leaves. love how angelic she looks here, if only she were always this sweet and calm...

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  1. Hey, I noticed you have me on your blog. Do I know you? I am taking my blog private soon so if you want to keep reading my "boring" life email me your email addy so I can add you to the list.

  2. hmmm...good question. You don't look familiar to me...When I started this blog I asked my husband if I could add his FACE BOOK friend's blogs to my blog and he said sure, so I did. Perhaps you or your husband know him? In all honesty I just added the links and haven't had the chance to look at the 6 or so I added. Gosh, I wonder if anyone else is on here that doesn't know us??? Okay, I better double check that now.